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Veterans, globalized: veterans and their societies in international perspective.

26-28 March 2018

Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center 

Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Sponsors and underwriting

Sponsors and underwriting

The Veterans in Society initiative endorses open, interdisciplinary scholarship in a still-emergent field.  Our conferences have always relied on contributions, both financial and in-kind, from a variety of sponsors. Underwriting has been especially valuable to permit registration discounts for veterans and students and free public admission to our outreach events.   


We warmly thank the sponsors of the Fourth  Veterans in Society Conference:




VT Department of English

VT University Libraries

University of Missouri, St Louis, Department of Military and Veterans Studies





VT Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

VT Division of Student Affairs

VTCollege of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

Arizona State University





VT Department of Human Resources



VT Student Success Initiatives

VT Institute for Policy and Governance

VT Center for the Humanities

VT Center for Inclusion and Diversity

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