About the ViS initiative


People returning from military experience are in society, but can they be entirely of  it? The Veterans in Society initiative calls attention to the value of understanding the rich diversity among veterans, military families, and their interactions with civilian societies. 


We start with simple questions that on examination do not yield simple answers, such as"What does it mean to be a 'veteran'?"  and "Who counts as a 'veteran'?"


We encourage new ways of thinking that take seriously veteran-ness as a category of analysis in its own right -- looking at veterans not only as people on the receiving end of public policies or cultural trends but also as agents whose experiences affect and inform civilian societies.

Grounded in the social sciences, humanities, and creative arts, we are committed to encouraging scholarship that addresses enduring questions raised by military veterans -- of any era, any loyalty, any mode of service -- from their first separation from the armed forces through their lives and into memory, myth, and representation.  In understanding them we may deepen our intellectual, moral, and instrumental knowledge of the veterans among us here and now.  We are particularly interested in people, experiences, and practices that fall outside popular stereotypes and easy generalizations.

We value rich scholarship in all disciplines and genres that meaningfully engages the world beyond academiaOur network comprises university faculty and students, professionals with other callings, staff and caregivers, and clients in a growing network of institutions.  We include veterans, military family members, and civilians, all committed to the important work of contextualizing and making connections among the experiences of veterans in society.