Veterans in civil societies 

Call for papers

Conference dates:


Proposals due:

   30 November 2019


   xxx yyy zzz

   St. Louis, Missouri, USA


The 2020 Veterans in Society Conference


The organizers expect to cluster submissions into thematic groups; for example:


Submission guidelines

We anticipate that most successful proposals will be for individual papers or panels presenting completed research, posters, and technical papers. However, we also encourage proposals that present promising, provocative work in progress as well as academically sound research that may use nontraditional formats/media.


NEW: in response to queries, we have scheduled a workshop session specifically for sharing and refining early-stage research and/or engagement projects with kindred scholars and potential collaborators.  We encourage all conference attendees to share their ideas, so to assure a seat, please send a sketch of the project(s) you want to talk about, marked "work in progress," and submit by March 1.   Work-in-progress submissions will not undergo peer review.  


Proposals (email preferred) should consist of

  • a cover letter providing contact information for the author(s), title and format of the proposed work,  and 

  • an abstract attached in a separate file (or sheet of paper).  Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words and formatted for blind review: no author names, affiliations, or other personally identifiable information.


All submissions should conform to a widely accepted citation style that will be intelligible to an interdisciplinary audience (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).

Submit proposals, marked ViS 2020 Conference Proposal, to the local organizers:


We expect to notify author​​​s about acceptance of proposals around the last week of January 2020.



As previously, we hope authors presenting at ViS 2020 will generate wide-ranging conversations that span disciplines, institutional affiliations, generations, and veteran/military/civilian status.  We encourage high-level participation from all quarters, including professionals in fields pertaining to veterans, independent scholars, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates with faculty mentors.


Authors will present their research in two phases:
1. Proposals. Please submit an abstract of no more than 500 words prepared for blind peer review and a cover letter.  At the conference, presentations should be brief and conversational, engaging panelists and the audience.


2. Contributions to proceedings. Authors will have a reasonable, limited time to revise their formal presentations' content and formatting for publication in the online conference proceedings, which will be available on an open-access basis.. Authors may also include slide decks of the presentations, handouts, and other supplemental materials as part of the proceedings. Multimedia elements such as video or audio clips may be incorporated into the papers or submitted as supplemental files.

Contributions to the proceedings will be curated by the Virginia Tech libraries (see earlier proceedings) to promote their widespread discovery, access, and preservation at no cost to authors or the public.  Each document in the proceedings will receive a unique, persistent identifier and date stamp.  Authors retain their own copyrights but are responsible for their use of others' copyrighted materials. 


If you would like additional information about ViS 2020  please email  Xxxxx Yyyyy.


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